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Cás A Dojo | c.b. Son Bordils 9 | 07144 Costix | Balears

BioDinàmica Mallorca

Bios is the Greek word for life and Dýnamis means force

We have taken our experiences in biodynamic agriculture as a guideline to our work. The foundation gives space to the investigation, the practice and the teaching of modes of co-working  between the human being and her/his environment. Searching for the physical, socio-economical, psychological and spiritual conditions to change the concept of “exploitation” to the concept of “mutual evolutionary support”.

For the past 20 years we have been cultivating biodynamic produce and marketing it in direct contact with our clients. Over the years we have got to know a variety of distinct approaches to the environment and have been able to experience how complex the problem of changing the mind towards a coherent attitude actually is.

What we need to work on are: the concepts which drive our actions, the capacity to endure processes and more complex organisation, awareness of interwoven structures in their flow and observation with panoramic vision instead of tunnel vision. With all our experiences it becomes clear that a fruitful conversation with the realm of life will challenge our capacity for thinking wholeness in metamorphosis.

The multidimensional life of a biodynamic farm is a model for ecological action. Here, the skills of perception, courage, disposition to coordinate with natural rhythms, patience, sense of economy, health care, will to dialogue, social arts, physical strength and its skillful use –  the integration of all these will foster the healing of head, heart and hand.

As an elementary preparation music and Ki-Aikido offer a chance to experience oneself in a changing complex structure.

The fields of experience at our disposal:

our biodynamic farm

with on-farm wood workshop

the Gamelan orchestra of the „Sa Llavor“ school and

our little Dojo-room of humanification


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