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Biodynamic Agriculture as a model for cooperation

AgriCulture is more than food production. The farmer cares for land and animals where the hunter&gatherer (tribal or corporate) only exploits. Since its spiritual beginnings thousands of years ago agriculture has been based on the caring aspect, that is culture. If this is missing no real food is produced and it doesn’t taste good.

Our principle is to create a work flow according to the needs of the living. Too often technical norms and unconscious habits are the ruling factors in agricultural activities.

Like the sailor with the wind we work with natural processes. The dialogue between human being and Nature begins with attentive listening. This is AgriCulture. Respectful understanding is the base for the creation of a fruitful interplay between soil, plants and animals. In our experience we have seen that each being is most helpful if it is allowed to express itself in its full nature. To build a well functioning farm, ideally, is to integrate a variety of plants and animals. Their meaningful integration into production while facilitating a life true to their essence is our aim. That means the species can express all aspects of its behavioural pattern.

More information about the herd

Keeping animals means: humans help animals and animals help humans. Domestic animals have opened up to us humans, maintaining their malleability longer than their wild sisters. In the dialogue with the human being and his agricultural organization the present myriad of different domestic animals has developed. Through the experience of the individual animal the archetype is enriched.

Manure of animals is the motor of soil fertility. Nitrogen can be supplied through green manures. The peculiar property of animal manure is that it conveys the warmth of the animal’s soul to the soil. The presence of animals on a farmstead enlivens its atmosphere. With a little practice one can perceive what the different animal species radiate to a place: the dense calmness of cows, the  excitable nature of horses – to “be wind“, the martial activism of chickens, the selfless love of bees . . . And especially while working the soil with animals a totally different quality is produced than if working with machines.

Animal stems from anima: soul. Animals are the soul dimension of a landscape. An old “contract“ exists between cultivated plants and humans: The cabbage for example grows leaves in its head which never see sunlight just for our nutrition. In return we set up a luxuriant garden bed and through respectful breeding, we help it to discover its potential of expression.

To have an insight into the being of animal or type of plant a human being has to practice. The excelling teachers in this practice are Johann W. Goethe and Rudolf Steiner.