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Cás A Dojo | c.b. Son Bordils 9 | 07144 Costix | Balears

Learning to live together

Ursula Wachendorff

When I was ten I began playing piano like my older sisters did.

When I was fourteen I decided to play violin – against the advice of all my aunts.

And the reason was: I wanted to play an instrument that allowed me to make music together with other people.

When I was thirty I discovered Baroque music with its wealth of colored sound that provided the space to appropriately express myself musically. Since than I play Baroque violin.

When I was fifty I had the chance to study Indonesian Gamelan music in Bremen, London, Amsterdam and Yogyakarta and to teach it in the Ethnological museum in Bremen. Here I discovered my calling to teaching, to open a door to the world of music.

When I came to Mallorca 10 years later I created in community a space  where plants, animals and human beings can live true to their nature with the possibility of further development.

Now I am glad to enrich with my musical activity the work of the foundation.

Marie-Luise Eicke

As a young woman I was fascinated about history and studied the posibility to comprehend the style, the essence of a time through its music and dance.

That offered me a perfect base to understand and conduct the orchestra of a biodynamic farm.

The cows and Rudolf Steiner taught me the understanding of an evolutionary agriCulture.

I have been studying Ki-Aikido, Anthroposophy and Pony-sophie for more than twenty years .

My special interest lies in the dimension of the soul in the landscape and the reenlivening of human beings through sense and the senses.

Ricardo Hurtig

Inspired since the beginning by the agricultural course of Rudolf Steiner. My path led through different approaches to land stewardship (like Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture). After years of learning and trying out different things I returned to Biodynamics as the most holistic approach.

I see my role in the foundation in checking and materializing those ideas with the help of our team.

It all started in 2008 when I realized that, except for a few, I did not know any living being in my surroundings nor their manifold tasks. I decided to start with botany to be able to get a better understanding of my environment.

In 2015 my interest got geared towards “forgotten indigenous fodder plants”, their habitats and ecological cycles.

Being busy with feeding-of and caring-for our diverse plant and animal community my main interests at the moment are sensitive animal husbandry, dynamic soil management and the reclamation (and study) of “forgotten pastures”.

All together, the goal is the achievement of a biodynamic farm cycle in the context of modern landscapes.

Lima Maya Van Rosmalen

Since I was little I’ve felt passionate about making things with my hands and I’ve been fascinated by trees and wood.

Close to where I lived stood a big ombú-tree in which I climbed when seeking shelter, there I imagined people of other times who also enjoyed its protection.

At age twenty I studied at the “Hout en Meubilerings College” of Amsterdam.

When I wanted to make a piece of furniture in organic style for my final examination, to my great surprise, I could not find a single teacher who could give me a hint as to how to approach the project. Finally following my intuition I managed to finish the piece.

Since that moment I continued to work with wood professionaly, moving within the broad range of possibilities this material has to offer: interior and exterior furniture, music instruments, small woodcabins, marine carpentery, artistic carvings and functional contraptions amongst others.

Now I eagerly enter this project, with the intention of creating with nature as a guide, sharing knowledge, continuing the learning process and the hope of making pieces that are worthy of the tree that gave its wood.