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Cás A Dojo | c.b. Son Bordils 9 | 07144 Costix | Balears

The Signs of AgriCulture are:

– that vegetables and fruit are full of brilliant flavour, so that our children want to eat them.

– that humans and animals live with their landscape (grazing and working without the noise of machines).

– that in the mornings you can enjoy a diverse bird symphony.

– that cows can give milk with love.

– that the worms dare to live in the fields again.

– that the landscape smells good.

– that the landscape looks appealing: structurally differentiated and colourful through the seasonal changes (flowering meadows)

– that the bees can recover and pollinate.

– that farm animals have close contact with “their” humans again.

All this is possible, nowadays, with Biodynamics in community supported small holder farmsteads.


What inhibits us?


Land is a commodity ► Land is part of the earth, therefore the basis of survival for all humans and only given in stewardship

Undeveloped capacity for cooperation ► practice, practice, practice

Disease evoking lazyness ► go to the farmer-ess of your choice and sweat a little (healthier if regular)