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Cows with horns? Of course!

On the Balearic Islands there is a breed of cows ideal for smallholders: the red Menorcan cow. We are devoted to the care of the red Menorcan cows which are very satisfying in terms of milk, draft force and meat production. The Menorcan breeders association “Vaca Menorca” selects for hornless and follows thereby the worldwide tendency in cattle breeding (breeding bulls in the international catalogues for semen have no horns anymore).

The horn is supplied with blood and nerves. It serves in temperature regulation, expresses the social rank in the herd and there are indications that the horn plays a role in the subtle aspects of digestion, being an extension of the sinuses (brain cavity).

We want to make sure, through breeding, that the Menorcan breed of cows maintains their genetics for horns.

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